McCrum’s Lobspudster


  • Penobscot McCrum Potato Skins (we recommend Baked Split Potato Skins, #7)
  • Warm lemon butter
  • Fresh cooked and Shucked Maine lobster
  • Hackleback caviar
  • Truffle essence mayo
  • Micro greens or Frisee or other delicate greens for garnish

Preparation: This is my favorite! Grown in Maine, Made in Maine & Caught in Maine, a real regional treat! Fry Penobscot McCrum’s Baked Split Potato Skins until golden brown. Take one of Maine’s best cold water lobsters and poach in lemon butter until tender, keeping it warm then carefully dress with freshly made white truffle mayo. Top with Hackleback caviar and a nice pinch of microgreen celery or frisee or other delicate yet colorful green to create a delicacy that is straight from Maine’s coastal waters and bountiful farms.

This delicious recipe is brought to you by Penobscot McCrum’s Culinary Director, Chef James Gibney.

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